Jon Parkin’s Fat Face

September 30, 2016

We're back! 10 blissful league games have past so lets get on it. 6th in the league clean sheets, thousands travelling from far and wide to watch The Mariners home and away. 

We talk Fifa, fatty Parkin, Fenty, Fans Forums and much more. 

Enjoy! UTM

Grimsby Air

August 4, 2016

We're in Grimsby! A first for the podcast as we enjoy proper fish and chips reasonable rent prices and much kinder drivers we talk about how pre-season has unfurled and what we can expect from the season to come. We also dip our toes in the stadium issue and Alex's son Charlie makes his impromptu debut on the cast. 


Summer Holidays

June 25, 2016

Its the summer. Glastonsbury, ice cream and EU voting. Whatever way you voted we're all Grimsby fans in the end and lets face it. When will Grimsby Town and Europe entwine unless we go to The Ibiza Cup again?


Summer Special with Matt Dannatt

May 27, 2016

In the first of our summer specials we talk to Matt Dannatt of the Grimsby Telegraph about his thoughts on this incredible season. We touch on his highlights, his thoughts on Hurst and how things maybe shaping up for our return to The Football League.


Back In The 92!

May 26, 2016

We're back where we belong. 6 years in Non-League are over. We've come back stronger and better than ever before, we talk Wembley, celebrations and where we go from here. UTM! <*)))>< 


Wembley Bound. Play Off Special 2

May 10, 2016

We are in the Play Off Final! Do we need to say much more? FGR await us this Sunday. We talk Braintree, sunstroke, Columbian drug hippos oh and Wembley! See you all there! UP THE MARINERS!!!


Play-Off Preview

May 4, 2016

Alex, Henry and Tom look ahead to the most important 2 weeks of the season as The Mariners prepare for their first leg at home to Braintree. 


Cathartic Release

April 14, 2016

Looking at 1-11 we go through the team and review the shed load of games that have gone before us. We look back at one of the fine days of 98. Things get heated and neither of us really know what is going wrong. Well not really. We assume it's the winds fault. 



March 31, 2016

We're back! Wembley bound and ever more confused about the race for top spot. Join us for more GTFC Fails, looking back on Macclesfield, Wrexham, Bognor. How will it even end now that Cheltenham and FGR both look like they don't want to win it? Buggered if we know!


Fenty’s Lounge

March 16, 2016

Light a cigar, sit back on the sofa and enjoy the Raphaelite-esque decor. We look back at FGR, Bognor and it's bogroll, our random hatred of clubs continues. Fenty gaff update 16.0.4 ready for download